Cordstrap Composite Strapping

Cordstrap’s GL certified composite polyester strapping provides a high quality, reliable and strong solution to securing products of all shapes and sizes for transportation, however heavy, fragile or expensive they may be.

A combination of application expertise and market leading cargo security knowledge allows Cordstrap’s experts to demonstrate how best to apply our large range of strapping solutions to your specific cargo securing requirements in the most timely and reliable manner.



Cordstrap composite polyester strap, together with a high quality galvanized steel buckle, provides optimal strength in all cargo securing applications and offer excellent performance even under extreme temperatures and circumstances.


The combination of Cordstrap straps and buckles provides the most consistent and reliable closing method for securing products, providing true peace of mind for sender and receiver.


Made of non-abrasive material, composite strapping is safe and easy to use. It will not damage products in transit and is safe to apply and remove.


High securing
strength – up to
2600 daN / 5850 lbf

Extremely high
strap and buckle
joint efficiency

range of manual, battery operated
and pneumatic tensioners available

Wide range of accessories
to guarantee the best solution
for every application

All Cordstrap Composite Strapping solutions
are witness tested
bv Germanischer Llovd

Cordstrap Compossite Strapping & Buckle

Cordstrap Corded Polyester Strapping – CC50
Width : 16 mm
System Strength : 730 daN / 1.641 lbf
Length : 850 meter / Roll
Corded Galvanized Steel Buckle – CB5
Width : 16 mm
Package : 1.000 pcs / Box

Cordstrap Corded Polyester Strapping – CC60
Width : 19 mm
System Strength : 810 daN / 1.821 lbf
Length : 600 meter / Roll
Corded Galvanized Steel Buckle – CB6
Width : 19 mm
Package : 500 pcs / Box

Cordstrap Corded Polyester Strapping – CC85
Width : 25 mm
System Strength : 1.469 daN / 3.302 lbf
Length : 500 meter / Roll
Corded Galvanized Steel Buckle – CB8
Width : 25 mm
Package : 250 pcs / Box

Cordstrap Corded Polyester Strapping – CC105
Width : 32 mm
System Strength : 2.568 daN / 5.773 lbf
Length : 200 meter / Roll
Corded Galvanized Steel Buckle – CB10
Width : 32 mm
Package : 125 pcs / Box

Cordstrap Strapping Tools And Accessories

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