Secure light and medium weight Container loads

Cordstrap Anchorlash®

Anchorlash® is the versatile solution for light to medium loads. Using the strongest existing anchor points within the container, Anchorlash® can adapt to your specific cargo, whether that’s carton boxes, plastic drums, big bags or other soft packaging, providing cargo protection on any modality or route.

Designed to be quick and easy to apply consistently, with color-coded lashing to easily show the order that the pre-cut lashing should be applied and optional
snap hooks to further speed up application. It’s delivered in packaging that contains everything you need to secure one container, minimising preparation time, so one person can secure a container in minutes helping to reduce load times and costs.

At Cordstrap, we are committed to supporting and driving safety in our industry. The Anchorlash® solution provides CTU Code Compliant cargo protection, supporting your responsibilities when shipping nationally or internationally. We know that each customer has specific requirements, and will therefore work closely with you to understand your business needs, and your cargo variables – type, weight, transport mode, route, so that we can calculate and advise on the best securing solution for you.

Cordstrap Anchorlash® protects your cargo, your people and your brand

Cordstrap QuickLash Instructions

Cordstrap QuickLash 105.4

Cordstrap AnchorLash 105.4 Certificates

Download the Cordstrap AnchorLash 105.4 MariTerm AB Certificate

Download the Cordstrap AnchorLash 105.4 Eurosafe Certificate

Understanding the CTU Code

The CTU Code is a joint publication of the:

  • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • United Nations Commission for Europe (UNECE)

It provides a non-mandatory global code of practice for the handling and packing of shipping containers (and other cargo transport units) transported by sea and land.

The Code is designed to address major concerns for all parties involved in global cargo securing, relating to poor practice in the packing of cargo transport units. These include inadequate securing of cargo, overloading and incorrect declaration of contents. These failings can have direct impact on members of the general public, or transport and supply chain workers – who have no control over these errors or their consequences.

Download a full copy of the CTU Code