Cordstrap and the Machinery and Equipment Industry

Moving large and complex plant securely

Cordstrap’s mission is to keep the world’s cargo safe. We provide our customers with innovative solutions and expert advice and deliver the physical insurance global shipping needs – on rail, sea, road and air.
The market for high and heavy equipment is dependent on global growth and business cycles – so as worldwide demand grows, so does the need for manufacturers to securely transport outsize and highly valuable machinery, equipment and parts internationally.

Such a shipping requirement is a complex and costly task, often for example requiring both dedicated facilities and special permits to transport on open roads. There can clearly be very serious consequences if any problems occur.
Manufacturers therefore require shipping partners with a genuinely global reach and resource, who can provide custom-built solutions to their specific cargo securing requirements.

These solutions need to be compliant with all current local and international rules and regulations; and
to be supported by a training resource that ensures all personnel involved in the shipping task can operate time and cost effectively – and above all safely. In this way, many of the dangers associated with such journeys can be nullified.

Cordstrap expertise

Cordstrap have 50 years experience of working with the machine manufacturing industry, and have specific products and applications that address the challenges of dynamic cargo with suspension, heavy machinery or crated parts; providing the expertise and experience to ensure these goods are shipped in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner – by road, sea, rail or air. Windmills, offshore equipment or agricultural machinery – Cordstrap can ensure their secure transit over long distances.

Cordstrap’s solutions are tested for maximum safety and reliability, and our products are accepted and approved by regulatory bodies including the International Maritime Organization and the Association of American Railroads. Our strapping and lashing solutions meet the requirements of the Germanischer Lloyd classification society and we are fully ISO 9001 certified.

Importantly, all our applications are fully CTU compliant. The latest version of the CTU code explicitly states that “although the carrier generally is responsible to deliver the cargo in the same condition as received, it is the shipper who should deliver a cargo that is safe and suitable for transport.”*

Cordstrap’s CTU code advisors monitor all regulatory requirements and global market developments and advise machinery and equipment customers on mandatory requirements and best practice with regard to shipping.

“Safe, cost-effective shipping for machinery and equipment manufacturers”

Cordstrap Applications

Cordstrap offer tailor made solutions for manufacturers, providing maximum peace of mind when shipping high and heavy plant globally. With the assurance of full CTU code compliance.
Our products can be applied directly to coated materials without causing damage; and have a higher level of safety than those using traditional materials.

Bundling and Palletizing
Flat Rack Securing
Ship Securing

Bundling and Palletizing

Machinery manufacturers often have a need to transport highly irregular and heavy cargo such as tanks, production equipment or pumps and valves. Cordstrap provide expert advice on the shipping of such cargo.

Cordstrap Strapping Solutions

Cordstrap’s polyester composite strapping solutions provide a high quality, strong solution to securing products for steel and metal manufacturers. Our composite strap, together with a high quality
steel buckle, provides optimal strength in all securing applications. They are easy to use and can be consistently applied with our high quality, low maintenance tooling range.

The Cordstrap Battery Operated Tensioner is specifically designed for use with our heavy-duty polyester strapping. Ergonomically designed to be easy to handle, powerful and reliable, it allows customers to experience all the benefits of our polyester strapping with the latest battery powered technology.

Made of non-abrasive material, Cordstrap’s composite strapping is easy to use, will not damage products
in transit and is safe to apply and remove.

Benefits of Cordstrap Strapping include:

• Strong
• Easy, fast and safe to apply
• Protective
• Shock absorbent
• Possibility of personalization
• Light weight
• Portable
• Weather resistant
• Rust and rot-proof
• Certified and approved by Germanischer Lloyd

Dynamic Cargo Securing

For businesses that have intrinsically dynamic cargo, or static cargo that behaves dynamically during transport, Cordstrap have a solution that will keep cargo still during shipping.

For machinery and equipment manufacturers that transport goods on flat racks or on board ships, Dynamic Cargo Securing is the safest and most effective way to transport static and dynamic loads quickly and easily.

It combines polyester lashing with the patented Dynablock buckle – with specially designed grooves to hold cargo securely in place even when in motion. This provides unrivalled safety and security in an innovative and efficient system.

Dynamic Cargo Securing solutions are safer to apply than steel strapping and more flexible and easier on cargo than chains.

• Dynablock buckles with grooves prevent lashing from slipping
• Flexible one-way polyester lashing does not damage cargo or equipment
• A safe, quick and easy way to secure cargo of any shape and size
• GL witnessed. AAR approved, compliant with DIN (EN) and ASTM standards

Flat Rack Securing

Highly valuable cargo such as tanks, production equipment or earth moving equipment can be exposed to extreme external influences, for example g-forces or highly adverse weather conditions, on flat racks.

Traditional polyester securing solutions with standard buckles can lead to a risk of slippage under such influences. Cordstrap’s innovative Dynamic Cargo Securing solutions protect against these and ensure cargo arrives at its destination without damage.

Cordstrap’s Flat Rack Solutions are:

• Easy, fast and safe to apply
• Highly shock-absorbent
• Tension retentive
• Certified and approved by Germanischer Lloyd and IMO
• Inclusive of onsite staff training

Ship Securing

Dynamic Cargo Securing offers a high securing strength of up to 20 tons – the safe and light weight alternative to steel chains. It utilizes heavy-duty polyester lashings that facilitate securing, which will not damage cargo during the voyage and are easily applied in confined spaces such as a ship’s hull.

Cordstrap’s Ship Securing Solutions are:

• Easy, fast and safe to apply
• Highly shock absorbent
• Protective
• Light weight
• Portable
• Re-tensionable
• Certified and approved by organizations including Germanischer Lloyd and IMO


Cordstrap make containerization – including innovative modular systems – as easy, fast and cost effective as possible. The composite lashing solutions and dunnage bags that Cordstrap have developed are specifically designed to prevent the movement of cargo such as oil and gas field equipment in containers.
Cordstrap experts can advise on the most effective containerization solution for any specific requirement.

Cordstrap Lashing Solutions

Cordstrap lashing is the most effective way to secure cargo for international shipping. Our polyester lashing has many advantages over conventional cargo securing products such as steel straps, chains or wood blocking and bracing, in terms of preventing damage during transportation.

Benefits of Cordstrap Polyester Lashing include:

• Certified by AAR and Germanischer Lloyd
• Strong – system strength of up to 20 tons
• Easy, fast and safe to apply
• Protective
• Shock absorbent
• Possibility of personalization
• Light weight
• Portability

Dunnage Bags

Cordstrap dunnage bags are specifically designed to secure and stabilize cargo in containers. Where palletized cartons are containerized, dunnage bags in conjunction with Cordstrap lashing will typically offer the best container solution.

They prevent both lateral and longitudinal movement and, using our unique precision inflation system, are much more effective in stabilizing cargo compared with wood blocking and bracing – which are both more costly and time-consuming.

Cordstrap will advise on the most effective dunnage bag
to match a customer’s individual requirements.

Benefits of Cordstrap Dunnage Bags include:

• AAR approved
• Easy, fast and safe to apply
• Moisture resistant
• Time saving
• Light weight
• Re-usable
• Easy to remove at destination
• Constructed from 100% recyclable materials

Cordstrap Accessories

For all applications, a comprehensive range of complimentary accessories, including edge protection, desiccants and anti slip mats, allow Cordstrap’s application specialists to design the most precise solution to the shipping
challenges of customers in the machinery and equipment industry – in combination with the appropriate products.

“Theoretical and practical training for machinery and equipment manufacturers”