Sea Freight and Vessel Charter

PT Trikarsa Jasatama charters out the vessels for clients on a range of terms, including short-term time charter, medium-term time charter and long-term time charter basis, as well as spot charter.
The operations department is the main coordinator between the owners of the vessels (the “Owners”), the company’s departments, the vessel under management, the charterers and all third parties involved with the ships (Ship agents, shippers, receivers, stevedores, etc.) among other thing, it is the duty of the operations department to provide post-fixture support to the vessels, to issue voyage instructions, to make sure that the ships perform as per the charter party agreements and to ensure the safe and efficient carriage and delivery of cargoes. In addition, the department has to supervise the disbursement of all funds necessary to run the ships, it has to arrange for freight / hire / demurrage collection from charterers and finally it has to arrange for the provision of the vessels.

Various sea transportation mode are available :

  • Various size of Tugs and Barges
  • Various Size of LCT and Cargo Vessels
  • Associated with regular vessel owners