Railcar Securing

Drums, IBC’s and Big Bags transported by railcar can be subjected to forces in excess of 4G during shunting. Cordstrap’s dynamic cargo securing solutions provide a high degree of shock absorbency, critical in this event.

Cordstrap Lashing Solutions

Cordstrap lashing is the most effective way to secure cargo for international shipping.

Our polyester lashing has many advantages over conventional cargo securing products such as heavy-duty steel straps, chains or wooden blocks and bracing, in terms of preventing damage during transportation.

Benefits of Cordstrap Polyester Lashing include:

  • Certification including AAR and Germanischer Lloyd
  • Strong – system strength of up to 20 tons
  • Easy, fast and safe to apply
  • Protective
  • Shock absorbent
  • Possibility of personalization
  • Light weight
  • Portability

Dunnage Bags

Cordstrap dunnage bags prevent both lateral and longitudinal movement and, using our unique precision inflation system, are much more effective in stabilizing cargo compared with wood blocking and bracing – which are both more costly and time-consuming.

Cordstrap will advise on the most effective dunnage bag to match a customer’s individual requirements.

Benefits of Cordstrap Dunnage Bags include:

  • AAR approved
  • Easy, fast and safe to apply
  • Moisture resistant
  • Time saving
  • Light weight
  • Re-usable
  • Easy to remove at destination
  • Constructed from 100% recyclable materials