Cordstrap Lashing

Cordstrap lashing is the most effective way to secure cargo for International shipping wherever it may be, om any transport unit – containers, flat racks, railcars or ships.

Cordstrap’s polyester one-way lashings have many advantages over conventional securing products such as steel straps, chains or wood blocking and bracing. Cordstrap lashing eliminates incidents and damage to your cargo.

Safe, cost-effective and time-efficient, Cordstrap’s AAR approved and GL certified polyester lashing solutions will safely secure cargo – whatever the conditions, whatever the application, in a CTU compliant manner.



Cordstrap polyester lashing, in combination with high quality buckles, provides optimal strength for all cargo securing applications. Cordstrap Dynamic Cargo Securing Solutions are the safest and most effective way to ship static and dynamic loads quickly and easily.


Strong-as-steel lashing solutions providing high retained tension for optimal cargo security.


Woven lashing solutions deliver high securing performance due to a special heat-treatment process that results in low elongation. They are safe and easy to use, without the need for protective precautions such as gloves or glasses, due to their non-abrasive qualities. Which also make them safer for cargo – for example,
by not scratching coated products.


  • System breaking strenghts of up to 20 tons
  • Keeps dynamic cargo still, even when it’s on the move
  • Modular solutions for safe, cost-effective shipping
  • Comprehensive range of accessories for tailor-made solutions