Supplying cargo security to the chemical industry for 50 years

Cordstrap’s mission is to keep the world’s cargo safe. We provide our customers with innovative solutions and expert advice and deliver the physical insurance global shipping needs – on rail, sea, road and air.

The rapid global expansion of the chemical industry has seen sharp growth of manufacturers and suppliers in the USA, Germany, and developing markets, producing products for their own use and international export. As an example, production in the USA is expected to grow at a rate that will see industry shipments reach $1 trillion by 2018.*

Such a scale of activity creates a massive shipping requirement, with some unique challenges. Any suspension of supply in the chemical industry increases the cost of the products. Thus raw materials at one end of the process and products at the other must be shipped reliably and on time.

Cordstrap’s resource – with five manufacturing locations and operations in 50 countries worldwide – means that we are able to offer cargo securing solutions wherever the industry requires them. And 50 years experience of dealing with the typical loads of the chemical industry – whether drums, IBC’s, big bags, pails or super sacks – means we understand the need to keep control of total cost of ownership and ensure time and cost efficiency are maximized during cargo securing.

The importance of safety

The over-riding factor that must be considered in chemicals shipping is safety. Many of the products that the industry develops can be toxic or dangerous at some stage, not just during manufacture but also in transit. And those products ship in many forms – solids, liquids and gases. The industry generally has a good safety record – but even so, there were 42 fatalities in the United States chemical industry in 2012 -13.*

The environmental impact of chemicals is also a major concern. With programmes like the Responsible Care global initiative, the industry looks to enhance product management and the safe use of chemicals throughout their life cycles. Implicit in this is the need to ensure secure, safe shipping – and the Responsible Care Indices of Performance specifically cover areas such as lost time accidents and transport incidents.

Cordstrap expertise

At Cordstrap, we have the resource, expertise and innovative thinking to take responsibility for these vital concerns in the shipping of chemicals worldwide. Such matters can only be handled by a business with the global resources to match the worldwide reach of the chemical industry.

All Cordstrap’s solutions are tested for maximum safety and reliability, and our products are accepted and approved by regulatory bodies including the International Maritime Organization and the Association of American Railroads. Our strapping and lashing solutions meet the requirements of the Germanischer Lloyd classification society and we are fully ISO 9001 certified.

Importantly for chemical manufacturers, all Cordstrap applications are fully CTU compliant. The latest version of the CTU code explicitly states that “although the carrier generally is responsible to deliver the cargo in the same condition as received, it is the shipper who should deliver a cargo that is safe and suitable for transport.”*

Cordstrap’s CTU code advisors monitor all regulatory requirements and global market developments and advise chemical industry customers on mandatory requirements and best practice with regard to shipping.

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